Apparel & Jewelry Bundles!

Apparel & Jewelry Bundles!

Apparel & Jewelry Bundles from Goodwill Bluebox!

 Get a sized Women's Apparel Box AND a Repurpose Jewelry Box for 1 unbeatable price! For $49.99, you can fill your closet with a curated variety of clothing and jewelry! Whether you're a reseller that wants to fill your inventory or just want great clothing and jewelry at a great price, this bundle is a perfect fit.

Expertly curated exclusively by our West Palm Beach Florida Bluebox team! 




  • Kim Howe

    Think about plus size bundles please!

  • Norma Tyson

    Is The Jewelry and Apperal Combo still Availible and Where Do I Order It?

  • Lillian Martinez

    I live in nyc what time will it be her I want to make sure I don’t miss it

  • Bluebox Team

    @Kristi you purchase them on our website

  • Kristi

    Where do I go to get a bluebox? Do i pay online or go to the local goodwill ?

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