Shop Goodwill Online : Bring Good Home in 2020!

Shop Goodwill Online : Bring Good Home in 2020!

Want to shop goodwill online, and support dozens of non-profit programs while reducing waste? Goodwill Bluebox curates high fashion items at a fraction of retail prices, to support non profit programs in the community and advance our mission of reducing textile waste.

We rescue quality high fashion and vintage clothing from salvage and landfills, and collaborate with local artists & designers to print high quality designs on recycled clothing. Our team has rescued thousands of pounds of clothing and textiles from savlage in West Palm Beach, FL to bring vintage and streetwear fashion to your doorstep, all at a fraction of retail prices. 

We believe that vintage and high fashion clothing can be affordable, stylish, and sustainable. Rather than contribute to fast fashion's negative environmental impacts, Goodwill Bluebox combines sustainability, upcycling, and recycled 'slow fashion' to reduce the carbon footprint of fashion in our community. According to a  2019 CBS news report, 

We belive that the call to be more creative, sustainable, and conscious with our fashion choices is the most important mission for retailers and consumers in 2020. Join us in reducing waste by shopping goodwill online!



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