The Golden Age Of Superheroes

The Golden Age Of Superheroes

Enjoying comic books used to be relegated to realm of  a small group  of superhero lovers. Now, since the Marvel's Avengers have become the highest grossing films of all time, we're in a golden age of super power fever! Comics are as popular as ever, and the value of many of these vintage gems have skyrocketed!

For the serious enthusiast, collector, or reseller, the chance to own 30 out-of-print back issues of some of the World’s greatest comic book titles is an opportunity not to miss. Check out our Comic Book Mystery Box to learn more about getting comic books at a wholesale price. 

According to, the issues in this sample box have a average value of approximately $2.00, meaning that purchasers of these boxes will receive their comics at only 38% of fair market value! 

Not to mention, all of these back issues are in great shape with collector sleeves included! Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of comic history.



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  • CLifton BRanch

    Hi, I would like to purchase some of your boxes. Your boxes are excellent.

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