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Vintage Wholesale Mystery Box
Vintage Muhammad Ali Boxing Tee
Princess Diana Vintage Tee
Vintage Wholesale Mystery Box
Vintage Wholesale Mystery Box
Vintage Disney Epcot Mickey Tee
Vintage Polo Bear Ralph Lauren Tee
Vintage Wholesale Mystery Box
Vintage Wholesale Mystery Box
Grateful Dead Vintage Tee

Vintage Wholesale Mystery Box

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Due to increased demand, we have implemented a maximum order limit of 1 Vintage Wholesale Box per customer per week :)

Wholesale vintage clothing box in mixed size & gender. Assembled from unique vintage pieces sourced from textile salvage. Predominantly 90's and late 80's graphic tees and sweaters. We hand-pick and curate vintage apparel from thousands of pounds of textile salvage; due to the rarity of the items included in the vintage wholesale box, we post a limited drop of boxes each week on Fridays at 6PM est. 

A Note On "Bonus" items and "Extras."

Vintage wholesale boxes may contain "bonus" or "extra" vintage items in addition to 10 unique pieces of Vintage Apparel (i.e. sweaters, graphic tees, jackets, denim, etc.). These items are bonus items or "extras" (e.g. 90s nostalgiac items, vintage books, vintage toys or plush, hats, random 80s-90s memorabilia) that are free of charge, and should not be considered replacements for apparel items. 

For serious vintage collectors and resellers that are comfortable with:

stains/wear/repurposing/washing/mending clothing. 

We define vintage as 20 years old or older. 

**Textile Salvage: primarily clothing set aside to be bailed as salvage for a landfill or as a textile export. Often stained or damaged to varying degrees. Our curating team rescues vintage clothing from salvage to be resold on our site, in varying condition and wear.


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