Where is Goodwill Bluebox's clothing sourced from? 

We sort through clothing that didn't sell in store's clothing rotation, to find quality, wearable clothing before it reaches salvage or a landfill. Clothing is chosen for Bluebox before it reaches our last-chance/outlet center. 

What quality of clothing can I expect in my box? 

Our clothing boxes have items with a retail value of $4-100 per piece. Clothing items are donated and used, and will show light signs of wear. Minor imperfections are to be expected of used, donated clothing. While all of our clothing is used, we sort to insure that damaged clothing is not included in the boxes. All clothing is in wearable condition, with light, used wear. 

Is Goodwill Bluebox a 'reseller box?'

No. While we appreciate the re-seller community, and their ability to upcycle and extend the life of clothing, Goodwill Bluebox is not exclusively sold as a reseller box. Often, clothing items are valuable enough to be resold, and we sort for the highest quality clothing available to us, but our primary mission is not for the contents of the box to be resold. Our mission is to clothe communities with discount clothing boxes and to reduce landfill waste. Our motto is that clothes should be worn, not wasted. 

When will my box ship?

We ship within 3-5 business days after purchase. If your purchase still hasn't shipped after that window has passed, contact us at goodwillbluebox@gulfstreamgoodwill.org

What does my Goodwill Bluebox purchase support?

Every purchase from Goodwill Bluebox supports Gulfstream Goodwill's 43+ non-profit programs. 

What is your refund/return policy? 

We offer returns on boxes that are sized incorrectly or are received with damage beyond that of normal wear.  

Have more questions?

Contact us at goodwillbluebox@gulfstreamgoodwill.org