Vintage 80s Campy Tee
Vintage 80s Campy Tee
Vintage 80s Campy Tee
Vintage 80s Campy Tee
Vintage 80s Campy Tee
Vintage 80s Campy Tee

Vintage 80s Campy Tee

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Vintage Campy Tee , a shirt from the 80s with a beautiful single stitch and clean print. Excellent quality and condition. Designed for a camp in the 80s

great condition, no stains  

When will my box ship?

We ship within 3-5 business days after purchase. If your purchase still hasn't shipped after that window has passed, contact us at

What does my Goodwill Bluebox purchase support?

Every purchase from Goodwill Bluebox supports Gulfstream Goodwill's 43+ non-profit programs. 

What is your refund/return policy? 

We offer returns on boxes that are sized incorrectly or are received with damage beyond that of normal wear.  

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 Sustainable Clothing boxes that support our mission of Changing Lives

Goodwill Bluebox is a sustainable clothing and jewelry wholesale shop developed by Gulfstream Goodwill Industries in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our mission is to maximize the impact of community clothing donations by reducing exports and waste while offering unique clothing finds at a fraction of retail prices. Clothing that didn’t find its match in our stores is redirected before becoming environmentally harmful landfill waste, or economically burdensome textile exports.  

All proceeds Goodwill Bluebox directly fund our programs that offer job training, housing, education, and support for disabled members of our community. We curate clothing boxes and recycle salvage clothing to reduce the environmental impact of clothing waste. 

All purchases & donations not only help us on our mission to reduce textile waste, but also support unique non profit community programs for Goodwills across the country. 

Our boxes are packed and shipped from micro-fulfillment centers across the US. 

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Clothing Boxes

We believe that clothing should be worn, not wasted. Every year, unsold second-hand clothing becomes textile waste: at a staggering rate of 21 billion pounds annually. All clothing & jewelry items come with our quality guarantee, and range from vintage finds, trending brands, to basic apparel.


Mass textile exports can cripple developing economies and create barriers to employment and industry. Bluebox repurposes gently used clothes locally to contribute to Goodwill’s mission of Changing Lives through Employment, Training, and Housing. 

bluebox originals
recycled fashion

Bluebox Originals is a sustainable  fashion line of recycled & curated vintage clothing. We collaborate with local artists and designers to repurpose textiles into original clothing

Learn About Our Featured Designers

 Clothing that didn't find its match in our retail locations is upcycled & repurposed before becoming a textile export or environmentally harmful landfill waste. 

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