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Goodwill Bluebox redistributes quality, unique, discounted clothing to reduce textile waste and empower communities. Clothing that didn't find its match in our retail locations is curated and redirected through Bluebox before becoming a textile export or environmentally harmful landfill waste. 

Curated Wardrobes

Each box contains 10-12 pieces of quality, curated second-hand finds for $19.99! Boxes may include discount clothing, vintage shirts, band shirts, boutique label tops, skirts, and dresses, blazers, basic apparel items, affordable finds, and more!


Bring competitive Goodwill Outlet Shopping to the next level and get amazing bulk clothing deals from Bluebox! Our boxes are sourced from clothing before it hits #thebins, to guarantee first dibs on quality clothing. 




Mass textile exports can cripple developing economies and create barriers to employment and industry. Bluebox repurposes gently used clothes locally to contribute to Goodwill’s mission of Changing Lives through Employment, Training, and Housing. 


Bluebox’s clothing & jewelry boxes combine sustainability and thrift fashion. All clothing & jewelry items come with our quality guarantee, and range from vintage finds, trending brands, to basic apparel.


We believe that clothing should be worn, not wasted. Every year, unsold second-hand clothing becomes textile waste: at a staggering rate of 21 billion pounds annually. 

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Blueboxes are curated by our staff to eliminate landfill waste and prevent quality clothing from becoming salvage

Receive a Unique Wardrobe

Receive unique, quality, repurposed clothing monthly or single-purchase at a fraction of retail prices. 

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Get a competitive edge and bring home the bargain treasures of the Goodwill Outlet Centers, online!

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Beat the crowds and shop #theBins from the comfort of your own home

Reduce Textile Waste

While Supporting Goodwill’s Mission Programs

Change A Life!

All purchases and donations to Goodwill Bluebox contribute to Gulfstream Goodwill Industries' mission of changing lives through employment, training, and housing.